April 2020 - NEWS LETTER

I hope you have are all safe and are in good health. - Light Summan

[First - an update on COVID 19]

As stated on the website since 23rd March 2020 -

There have not been any changes put forward by the UK government since 23.03.2020.

As such, I am closely monitoring the government guidelines and focusing on the safety of all patients. Once the UK government determines that it is safe to reopen, I will update the website and send out emails and text messages to all existing patients.

Remember if you have any enquires you can still send me an email / call I 07367511626

Thank you for your patience - Light Summan / Simply Podiatry Limited


NEWS LETTER - April 2020

In the mean time I have put together a newsletter focusing on the importance of ' looking after our skin'.

Please have a read and remember to moisturise!

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