Reflexology Therapy

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  • Kinesiology strapping (Muscular = leg & foot)

What is Kinesiology tapping?


  • Kinesiology tape is also known as elastic therapeutic tape.  It is designed to act as a second skin, helping support joints; muscles and facilitate in the healing of muscular injuries without restriction.

How does it work?

  • Kinesiology tape raises the layers of skin allowing more blood flow (more oxygenated blood) which helps aid in muscle recovery and lymphatic drainage in areas that are swollen (sprained ankles, and oedema).

Patient feed back on effectiveness

  • According to studies there are for and against arguments on how effective Kinesiology tape really is compared to other elastic tapes.  However, patients in the past have commented on feeling better than they did compared to not having taping done.  A such it is up for debate how effective it really is.

  • A skin test needs to be done prior to full application to observe for any allergic response.  Once applied, the patient can give feedback on how it feels.

  • In order to see lasting effects it is advised to keep the strapping on for up to 2 days.  As the tape acts as a second skin there should not be any restriction in the range of motion.

- Please note - when booking this is classed under 'General Treatment'


Sweaty Feet (Hyperhidrosis)

  • This condition showcases excessive sweating, usually associated with a hormonal imbalance. This imbalance is caused by changes in the skin mechanics.

  • Excessive sweating can be treated with topical solutions; footbaths; cotton hosiery; absorbent insoles and regular change of footwear.

- Please note - when booking this is classed under 'General Treatment'

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