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Fungal (Onychomychosis) Infection in Nails


What is it?

  • A fungal infection is an infection in the nails.  It can appear as a yellow, green, brown(ish) colour and its texture is brittle and crumbly.  It can be a cause for embarrassment / discomfort.


  • A fungal infection can be caused by trauma to the toenail resulting in ruptures in the nail plate allowing fungal organisms / yeast / mould formation to build up.

  • Genetic disposition could also be another factor, that the patient and family are actually susceptible to a type of fungus.


  • A nail sample can be taken (Needs to be taken to a pathology ward for testing = to determine most effective treatment).

  • Over the counter fungal treatments are also available.

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Ingrown Toenails (Onychocryptosis / Severe involuted nail)


What is it?


  • An ingrown nail is a nail which has curved and entered the sulci (skin around the nail) resulting in inflammation / infection.  It is quite uncomfortable and limits the type of footwear that can be worn.


  • An ingrown nail can be caused by accidental nail cutting; genetic factors; ill-fitting footwear and trauma.



  • In a general treatment consultation (30 minutes), if the ingrown nail cannot be resolved.  A reccommendation for nail surgery will be made.  At Simply Podiatry – We specialise in partial / total nail Avulsion surgery.

Ingrown toenail disease blood on a white