Home visits

What is a home visit?

  • Patient's that are unable to attend a clinical visit have the flexibility to be able to arrange a visit for a podiatrist to visit them in their own home.


How long is a home visit?


  • A home visit consists of a 45 minutes treatment and cost £40.00.

  • Usually takes a little longer than a clinical visit due to treatment being done in patients' own home.

How can I book a visit?

  • Bookings should be made by phone/email due to availability of time slots

  • Please call: 07367511626 

  • info@simplypodiatry.co.uk

Which areas are currently covered by home visits?

  • Currently serving:

  • Wythall;
  • Hollywood;
  • Earlswood Lakes;
  • Dickins Heath;
  • Cheswick Green 
    • (area around Beckett's Farm)
    • Monday to Thursday (7.30am - 5.15pm)



  • West Bromwich

    • Please call for availability

  • If an appointment is required outside of operating hours - please enquire for availability.

Please note - If you are unable to attend an appointment - please notify us as soon as possible.

Phone: 07367511626

Practice opening hours:

Mon-Fri: 7.30am - 7.15pm

            Sat:  7.30am - 1.00pm

Last appointment slot (M-F) is at 6:30pm

This appt needs to be made before 6.30pm


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Available Plans


1) General Treatment RRP £35.00

                              = [30-45 minutes]


                       [Need extra 15m = £5.00]

                       [Need extra 30m = £10.00]

2) 5 x General treatments plan (purchased in bulk)

     RRP £175.00 (10% off = £157.50)


3) Diabetic assessment RRP £35.00

4) Verruca / Wart treatment RRP £35.00

       Following visit every 2 weeks = £28.00

      Need more frequent Verruca treatments?

            Must  visit every 6-7 days = £23.00

                (Based upon 4 visits per month)


5) Nail Surgery (1 toe) RRP £220.00

     Includes 2 follow up visits    /  (Additional toe = £50.00


6) Home visits  RRP £40.00

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