Wart verrucas plantar. Fasciitis Wart on

Verruca / Plantar Wart

What is it?

  • A Verruca / Plantar Wart (wart on the underside of the foot) appears as a plaque like lesion (contagious). 


Causes / Why does it occur?

  • Caused by HPV (Human Papillomavirus) which infects the epidermal layer of the skin after a period of incubation.  Stress, low immune system, Vitamin D deficiency; shared shoes; towels; baths and showers are known to be contributing factors.


  • Treated with podiatric care and topical treatment of either:

    • Silver nitrate or

    • Cryofreeze.

Time frame


  • Can decide upon having treatment done  every 2 weeks (£28.00 per visit) depending upon the size of the lesion in-order for the size of the Verruca to be reduced.

    • (Based upon 2 visits per month)

  • If you find that having a Verruca treatment every 2 weeks is not enough

    • Arrange to visit every 6-7days at a reduced price (£23.00 per visit)     

    • (Based upon 4 visits per month)

  • NB. It is important to note that the Verruca / Wart  treatments provided at 'Simply Podiatry Limited' cannot guarantee a 100% success rate.  Treatment is subject to how ones' immune system responds.

- Please note - when booking this is classed under 'General Treatment'