Cracked heels

What is it?

  • Cracked heels are simply cracks in the calluses forming on the heels.

  • At the beginning of each step taken as we walk the heel strikes the ground. This is known as GRF (Ground Reaction Force).  This concludes that the same pressure is applied to out heels as we strike the ground.  As such, our heels need to be good shock absorbers to dissipate the GRF. 



  • This is usually due to a lack of moisture in the layers of skin.


  • Diabetes; Eczema; Inappropriate-footwear; Psoriasis, Thyroid imbalance (hypothyroidism = underacting; and weight-gain amongst other factors) all affect the regulation of water content in the skin resulting in excessive flaky dry skin which will eventually crack / split).

  • Inappropriate footwear which is not absorbing (GRF) shock sufficiently.


  • Podiatric care and advice


What is it?

  • This is a condition that is caused by cold weather or sudden temperature changes.  Chilblains usually affect peripheral tissues (tips of the fingers; tips of the toes; heels; lower legs, nose and tips of the ears).  The affected skin appears as areas of inflammation.


  • Circulatory insufficiency due to cold weather cause the narrowing of blood vessels which are superficial (nearer to skin).



  • Podiatric care and advice


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