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KARDIA MOBILE 6L (6 LEAD ECG/EKG = Electrocardiogram)

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Once completed (2minutes) - you will get:
- Kardia Mobile 6L - EKG / ECG readout
- Information sheet explaining the results


What is Kardia Mobile 6L (6 Lead ECG/EKG)?


  • 6L is a 3-electrode personal ECG/EKG device that is capable of recording two kinds of ECG/EKGs:

  • a Single-Lead ECG/EKG

  • and a Six-Lead ECG/EKG, which provides more data for you to share with your doctor.

  • Both Single-Lead and Six-lead ECG/EKG types detect:

  • ​​Normal sinus rhythm (I; II, and III)

  • Atrial fibrillation

  • Bradycardia

  • Tachycardia

  • Indeterminate results (errors or unclassified rhythms)

What is an ECG/EKG?

  • Also known as an electrocardiogram, an ECG/EKG is a test that detects and records the strength and timing of the electrical activity in your heart. Each heartbeat is triggered by an electrical impulse. Your ECG/EKG represents the timing and strength of these impulses as they travel through your heart.

  • Single-lead ECG/EKG

  • A Single-Lead ECG/EKG is the simplest way to record your heart rhythm. It measures a single view of the heart. This is comparable to Lead I on standard ECG/EKG machines used in the hospital or doctor’s office. ​​

  • Six-Lead ECG/EKG

  • A Six-Lead ECG/EKG uses three electrodes to provide information about your heart rhythm from six different viewpoints. This is comparable to Leads I, II, III, aVF, aVL, and aVR on standard EKG machines used in the hospital or doctor’s office.

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How does it work (instructions)?

  • KardiaMobile 6L has two electrodes on the top for your fingers, and one on the bottom (as shown in video) to contact the skin of your left leg.

  • To ensure a comfortable experience:

  • Please make sure that you have loose trousers which can roll up to over the Left knee.

There are two sensors on top and now, a third on the bottom (as in video - below).

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