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  • Toe Nail Cutting

Can't I just cut my own nails?

  • If you have the capacity to do so, then the answer is yes'. 

Why visit a podiatrist?

  • Patients that visit a podiatry clinic come for many different reasons:
    They may need specialised care in diagnosing the state of their nails and how their nails need to be cut; they may have an underlying health /nail condition or they simply just can't reach their feet.

  • Thickened / Painful nails are unsightly; embarrassing and restrict the type of footwear required for the season.  Thickened nails can easily be drilled down and formed into a more presentable state.  In doing so, there is usually less pressure on the nailbed resulting in lesser or no pain.

What type of nails are there


  • Black nails (discolouration of the nail plate) (Brown, Black, Red, Purple)

       (Subungal haemotoma - Bleeding / Bruise present under the nail)

  • Blue nails


  • Dystrophic nails (Imperfect nails / interrupted nail plate growth) Beau's lines


  • Half and half nails (Proximal half the nail appears white, and the other half appears pink/brown


  • Hippocratic nails (Nails which appear curved from side to side and the front (anterior to posterior) / (capping clubbed digits)

  • Onychauxic (Nail Thickening) Overgrowth and thickening of nail


  • Onychocryptosis (Ingrown nails / Involuted) (Nails that become ingrown.  (The sides of the nail curve inwards digging into the skin)


  • Onychogryphotic (Rams horn shaped nails) - Overgrowth of nail


  • Oncholysis (Detachment of nail) from the nail bed, starting at its distal and / or lateral attachment


  • Onychomadesis - Idiopathic (unknown) shedding of nails beginning at its proximal end = Trauma


  • Onychomycosis (Fungal nail) Fungal infection of the nail


  • Onchophosis (Corn under the nail) feeling of a presence under the nail when pressure is applied to nail.

- Please note - when booking this is classed under 'General Treatment'