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Nail Surgery (PNA / TNA) with Phenol flush of the nail matrix

  • Nail surgery (partial or total) is a minor/day surgery.  Before nail surgery is decided upon, a pre-consultation will be required to take into consideration the risk factors involved.  The surgical procedure will then be explained step by step.  A post surgery aftercare sheet will also be given which will inform the patient of what to expect post surgery.

  • On the day of the surgery, the procedure will be explained once again and a consent form will be given to the patient to sign (giving consent for the administration of Local Anaesthesia and the removal of the nail causing discomfort).

What is Nail Surgery?

  • The principle of having nail surgery done is to remove the segment/side of nail which is causing discomfort.  Once the segment of nail or total nail is removed the nail cavity is cleaned and rechecked for any extra segments of nail.  The sulci/cavity where the nail segment was removed will then be flushed with phenol to cauterise the root of the nail to stop regrowth. The area will then be dressed and the patient will be expected to follow the directions as discussed and on the aftercare sheet. 

  • Included in the price of the nail surgery are 2 x 15minute rechecks.  (This will give you piece of mind that it is your well-being which is the most important factor.)

  • The dressing(s) will be removed, cleaned, reassessed and redressed.)

  • Simply Podiatry, specialises in this procedure.  An initial consultation is required to determine the risk factors associated with a patients’ health and the need for the surgery.

  • Light Summan has successfully completed 106 nails surgeries to date with little to no complications.  There is however, a small possibility that if trauma to the area occurs whilst the patient is recovering  during the 1st – 2nd week the nail may regrow back.  Trauma to the affected area will cause a bleed which will revitalise the root/cells of the nail.  As such, precautions need to be made before having a nail surgery done.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Am I able to drive after the surgery?

    • 'Simply Podiatry Limited' advise against driving after a surgery as this will affect your car insurance cover in the event of an automobile accident.   Please check with your insurers for further details.

  • Should I have a family member take/drive me back home?

    • ​'Simply Podiatry Limited' advise on having a family member; friend or taxi take you home.  The less pressure applied to the toe the better.  This will therefore reduce the possibility of the toe bleeding).

  • Am I able to take care of the toes (area) on my own?

    • 'Simply Podiatry Limited' will assess you first to see if you have the capacity to care for yourself post surgery. 

    • If you are unable to care for the toe(s) during the healing stages, it would be in your best interest to wait until a more suitable time (wait for a holiday time or have family of friends nearby to assist).

    • 'Simply Podiatry Limited' will provide you with an after care sheet with step by step instructions  (on assessment) and a dressing pack (post surgery).

  • Will I need to take time off work?

    • 'Simply Podiatry Limited' advise on taking 3-10 working days off minimum = post surgery to allow healing and recovery.​

- Please note - 'Nail Surgery' can only be booked by contacting us directly

If an appointment is required outside of operating hours - please enquire for availability.