Diabetic patients


  • Patients with diabetes are welcome for footcare.  Having a trained registered HCPC podiatrist take care of you feet ensures that you are in safe hands.

What is Diabetes?

  • Diabetes is a disease in which the blood sugar/blood glucose becomes too high.  Glucose is the energy that is derived from the foods we eat and is stored as glycogen in the body. 

  • The pancreas produces the hormone Insulin to regulate glucose to be used in our cells.  If the pancreas is unable to make Insulin, enough Insulin or the body is unable to absorb insulin then there will be high levels of glucose in the blood which will inevitably cause nerve damage (peripheral neuropathy).

What is Peripheral Neuropathy?

  • A condition associated with diabetes or even back injury resulting in a lack of sensation in the feet  due to nerve damage.

  • In Diabetes, this is a dysfunction of the autonomic, sensory and motor nerves in Diabetes mellitus.

What kind of treatment care can a podiatrist do?


  • A 3 step assessment that measures the degree of peripheral neuropathy


  • 1) Monofilament test (Probe 10 spots of the foot with a 10g monofilament) = testing light pressure detection.

  • 2) Tuning fork test (steel instrument which will vibrate when struck (Placed over large toe) = testing vibration detection.

  • 3) Doppler test = testing the arterial pulses of the foot (Posterior tibial pulse; anterior tibial pulse and dorsalis pedis pulse. 

  • Force and frequency of the pulse will determine the health of the elasticity of the artery carrying blood from the heart to the extremities.


  • A report can then be submitted to the patients’ GP on request and the GP can assess any further concerns.


Please note - If you are unable to attend an appointment - please notify us as soon as possible.

Phone: 07367511626

Practice opening hours:

Mon-Fri: 7.30am - 7.15pm

            Sat:  7.30am - 1.00pm (Alternating )

Last appointment slot (M-F) is at 6:30pm

This appt needs to be made before 6.30pm


Available Plans


1) General Treatment RRP £35.00

                 = [30-45 minutes]


    [Need extra 15m = £5.00]

    [Need extra 30m = £10.00]

2) 5 x General treatments plan

            (purchased in bulk)

  RRP £175.00 [10% off = £157.50]

3) Diabetic assessment RRP £35.00

4) Verruca treatment RRP £35.00       


Following visit every 2 weeks  = £28.00

 Need more frequent Verruca treatments?

 Must  visit every 6-7 days = £23.00

 (Based upon 4 visits per month)

5) Nail Surgery (1 toe) RRP £220.00

     Includes 2 follow up visits

     (Additional toe = £50.00)

6) Home visits  RRP £40.00

7) Add a Karidiamobile 6L ECG/EKG

    to any above service for only £2.00

=  Includes Test (2mins) & Results

(PDF printout & Email to patient / GP)

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