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    Ageing feet (Gerontology)

  • Due to numerous factors (arthritis; diabetes; footwear; injury; or even just being unable to reach our own feet) you may need assistance with professional footcare.

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Athletes foot (Tinea Pedis)

What is it?


  • This is a fungal infection of the skin and is characterised by intense itching, vesiculation (inflammation); fissures (cracks/splits); scaling (flakiness), and maceration (wetness) especially between the toes.


  • The fungus thrives in closed, warm and moist environments.

  • It is mildly contagious through the spreading of direct contact with the affected area; use of shared towels, shared shoes and walking barefoot on affected floors. Always wear own footwear as much as possible in shared showers; on locker room floors, around swimming pools and public baths).

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